On behalf of the program committee, may I please direct
your attention to your possible participation MetriCon 4.0.

The MetriCon 4.0 Workshop will be held on Tuesday, August 11,
2009, in Montreal, Quebec, co-located with the USENIX Security
Symposium. All who are interested in participating should
review the formal Call for Participation and, as it says, soon
communicate via email to the MetriCon 4.0 program committee.
As with all MetriCon events, MetriCon 4.0 is by invitation
with both invitations for attendance-only and for attendance
with presentation possible. Please be in touch. The theme of
this episode is The Importance of Context.  This workshop
series is intense, and is focused on progress rather than
claims of first discovery.  See


Dan Geer

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