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Fascinating discussion at boing boing that will probably be of interest
to this list.


Followup article by Cory Doctorow:


A potentially amusing/silly solution would be to have one strong key
that you change monthly, and then, encrypt *that* key, with a method
that will be brute-forceable in 2 months and make it public. As long
as you are constantly changing your key, no-one will decrypt it in
time, but assuming you do die, they can potentially decrypt it while
arranging your funeral :)

I'll point out that PGP has had key splitting for ages now. You can today make a strong public key and split it into N shares, of which two or three shares are needed to reconstitute the key, and hand those out to trusted loved ones.

You can then use that public key for files, virtual disks, whole disk volumes -- anywhere you could use an RSA or Elgamal key -- and be assured that your data is safe in the absence of a conspiracy of those loved ones.

It's there now, and has been there for a decade.


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