Hi all,

We are pleased to announce that we have set a new record for the elliptic
curve discrete logarithm problem (ECDLP) by solving it over a 112-bit
finite field. The previous record was for a 109-bit prime field and
dates back from October 2002.

> See for more details our announcement at <http://lacal.epfl.ch/page81774.html.>

Computing power doubles every 18 months to two years, so the required EC length should gain a bit every year or every nine months.

Which suggests that existing deployments should default to 128 bits. with 160 bits being overkill. Of course overkill does not cost much. If one shoots someone the head, it is wise to follow up with a second shot through the head at very short range just to be on the safe side.

Year    Breakable keys.
2009    112
2010    113
2015    117
2020    121
2025    124

I am assuming a rapid rate of progress, in which case line widths halve every four years.

In which case Moore's law breaks in 2033 when we get nanometer line widths, for lines will then be molecules - probably carbon nanotubes.

2033    130

Subsequent expansions in computing power will involve breaking up Jupiter to build really big computers, and so forth, which will slow things down a bit.

So 144 bit EC keys should be good all the way to the singularity and a fair way past it.

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