Dear all:

As you know well, there is nothing quite new with the Rabin-Williams digital signature scheme.

I just formulated a basic specification of it, leaving aside to the greatest extent anything that would not be rooted in some theoretical foundation.

The result is at

Title and abstract:

Scirpo, a Basic Rabin-Williams Digital Signature Specification

The public key cryptography digital signatures are well studied since the early publications by academics three decades ago. On the deployment front, many standardization efforts brought the digital signature techniques at the core of current computer networks. This document almost completely ignores such standards, and focuses on the theoretical foundations of the Rabin-Williams digital signature scheme; it merely describes a simple digital signature scheme including minimal interoperability provisions. While devoid of any advance to the art or science of applied cryptography, this document appears original in its formalization of a signature scheme details with this minimalistic approach centered on theoretical foundations.

I already suspect that the usefulness of this document is limited, so if you do find some value in it, please let me know how the document can be improved for your purpose.

If anyone has other comments, I would like to read them.


- Thierry Moreau

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