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From: "Barker, Elaine B." <>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 14:40:24 -0400
Subject: NIST Requests Public Comments

NIST announces the availability of two draft documents for public
comment: NIST Special Publication 800-38E and NIST Interagency Report

Draft NIST Special Publication 800-38E, Recommendation for Block Cipher
Modes of Operation: The XTS-AES Mode for Confidentiality on
Block-Oriented Storage Devices approves the XTS-AES mode of the AES
algorithm by reference to IEEE Std 1619-2007, subject to one additional
requirement, as an option for protecting the confidentiality of data on
block-oriented storage devices. This mode does not provide
authentication, in order to avoid expansion of the data; however, it
does provide some protection against malicious manipulation of the
encrypted data. The publication is available at
Comments on the text of the Draft NIST SP 800-38E may be submitted to until September 17, 2009.

Draft NIST Interagency Report 7609, Cryptographic Key Management
Workshop Summary (June 8-9, 200), is available at
The Cryptographic Key Management (CKM) workshop was initiated by the
NIST Computer Security Division to identify and develop technologies
that would allow organizations to leap ahead of normal development
lifecycles to vastly improve the security of future sensitive and
valuable computer applications. The workshop was the first step in
developing a CKM framework. This summary provides the highlights of the
presentations, organized by both topic and by presenter. Please provide
comments by September 18, 2009 to, with "Comments on
the Key Management Workshop Report" in the subject line.

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