...aaaaand now GPG.

So, Snow Leopard is crypto-less?

What? I shoulda said sans-crypto?

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Date: August 28, 2009 7:44:09 PM GMT-04:00
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2009/8/28 Levi Brown <l...@grokers.net>:
I'll ask the inevitable... Can we expect a new version of the plugin
which is compatible with Snow Leopard's Mail.app?

Do you mean GPGMail?  If so, then I'm afraid the answer is no -

"Posted By: davelopper
Date: 2009-08-26 08:31
Summary: GPGMail & Snow Leopard (10.6)

Dear Users,

Current version of GPGMail (1.2.0) is NOT compatible with coming Snow
Leopard's Mail.
New Mail's internals changed a lot, like it did with all major
revisions of Mac OS X, and as Apple doesn't give any documentation nor
any support for such an unsupported plugin, developers have to work by
trials and errors. Based on my experience of previous compatibility
work, I can estimate that the workload to make GPGMail compatible with
Snow Leopard is at least 40 hours, for me.
Unfortunately I no longer have spare time to do that work (I've always
been working on GPGMail during my spare time, not during my work
Some people proposed their help, but at this time no one has been able
to find enough time to actually do the work. For unexperienced people
it will take much more time to do it.
In consequence, there will not be an update of GPGMail for Snow
Leopard in the coming months, not even a beta version.
If serious people want to do the work, I will gladly try to help them
as much as I can; just contact me.

I'm sorry to leave you without GPGMail on Snow Leopard; until someone
does the port, you'll have to rely on Thunderbird and its Enigmail

Any queries should probably be directed to the GPGMail list -


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