NIST doesn't provide specific KAT vectors for AES-CTR because the results depend on your specific counter construction. When you interact with a FIPS test lab, you will provide them with your counter construction, they will provide you with the KATs and you will then test to those KATs.

This is probably why you are not finding AES-CTR vectors in the same places you might find AES-CBC vectors. NIST explains this somewhere in their publications.

Convincing yourself that you have implemented AES-CTR correctly usually involves first checking that your AES-ECB is correct, then putting the output of you counter construction into some other known good AES-CTR implementation and comparing the results with your implementation.


priya yelgar wrote:
Hi all,

I have implemented RNG using AES algorithm in CTR mode.

To test my implementation I needed some test vectors.

How ever I searched on the CSRC site, but found the test vectors for AES_CBC 
not for AES CTR.

Please  can any one tell me where to look for the test vectors to test RNG 
using  AES CTR.

Thanks in advance Priya Ainapur

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