Stephan Neuhaus wrote:
> On Aug 31, 2009, at 13:20, Jerry Leichter wrote:
>> It can “...intercept all audio data coming and going to the Skype
>> process.”
> Interesting, but is this a novel idea? As far as I can see, the process
> intercepts the audio before it reaches Skype and after it has left
> Skype. Isn't that the same as calling a keylogger a "PGP Trojan"?

Not really. more generically, you could call it a "VoIP trojan" or even
"Audio monitoring trojan" - presumably a more advanced version could
listen to the mic stream even when the VoIP application is not in use,
in order to obtain information.

However, in context, this was designed to be used for law enforcement to
"bug" a skype VoIP session, so the name reflects the design goal; yes,
it is a more generalized attack than that, but not in intent or
(presumed) usage.

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