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> Although the draft has expired, the concept lives on in various tools.  For
> example DownThemAll for Firefox supports this.  There was some discussion
> about including it into FF3, but then the draft was dropped and the FF support
> never appeared, does anyone know what happened?

It was a SoC project within Mozilla but seeing the following discussion :


The state looks a bit unclear to me...

> (The cynic in me would say "it's such a simple, straightforward, easy-to-
> implement idea, of course it'll never be adopted when there are things like EV
> certs to be pushed instead", but who knows...).

<mode type="cynic">
Right... When I see the EV audit process[1], it looks to me like PCI DSS without
the technical aspect...

[1] http://cabforum.org/WebTrustAuditGuidelines.pdf

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