Eugen Leitl wrote:
"We discuss why no existing cipher satisfies the requirements of this
application". Uh-oh.

AES-CBC + Elephant diffuser

Brief Description

A Disk Encryption Algorithm for Windows Vista

That is the key issue here, it is a disk encryption algorithm independent of the filesystem that sits above it.

If instead you put the encryption directly into the filesystem, rather than below it, then the restrictions of sector size that mean you can't easily use a MAC go away.

This is exactly what we have done for ZFS, we do use a MAC (the one from CCM or GCM modes) as well as a SHA256 hash of the ciphertext (used for resilvering operations in RAID) and they are stored in the block pointers (not the data blocks) forming a Merkle tree. We also have a place to store an IV. So every encrypted ZFS block is self contained, has an IV and a 16 byte MAC. This means that the crypto is all standards based algorithms and modes for ZFS.

Darren J Moffat

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