On 10 July 2010 11:57, Jerry Leichter <leich...@lrw.com> wrote:
> Beyond simple hacking - someone is quoted saying "You can consider GPS a
> little like computers before the first virus - if I had stood here before
> then and cried about the risks, you would've asked 'why would anyone
> bother?'." - among the possible vulnerabilities are to high-value cargo,
> armored cars, and rental cars tracked by GPS. As we build more and more
> "location-aware" services, we are inherently building more
> "false-location-vulnerable" services at the same time.

Most location-aware services should not care whether the location is
real or false, for privacy reasons. Agree about the issue of
high-value cargo (but I guess they'll just have to use more reliable
mechanisms, like maps and their eyes), don't care about rental cars.

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