Alfonso De Gregorio wrote:
The last Thursday, Vincent Rijmen announced a new clever attack on AES (and KASUMI) in a report posted to the Cryptology ePrint Archive: Practical-Titled Attack on AES-128 Using Chosen-Text Relations,

On 7/21/10 at 11:49 AM, (David Wagner) wrote, with some drastic editing which I hope doesn't change David's meaning:

For what it's worth, I read Vincent Rijmen's paper ... as written with
tongue embedded firmly in cheek: I took it as
a serious argument, hidden behind some gentle humor.


Personally, I found it an effective communication style.  I thought the
point came across very clearly.  And, I have to admit I enjoyed seeing
someone having a spot of fun with what can otherwise be a somewhat dry
topic.  I thought it was brilliantly done.

My favorite paper in this style is one which has not (yet) been published. It turns out that at one time there were at least three Mark Millers active in computer science. One of them, cced above, wanted to publish a paper:

  Global Names Considered Harmful
  by Mark Miller, Mark Miller, and Mark Miller

And the paper really doesn't need to go any further than this.

Cheers - Bill

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