I don't think you need all that much to get good secure private email.
 You need a client that can make PEM pretty seamless; reduce it to a
button that says "encrypt when possible."  You need the client to be
able to generate a keypair, upload the public half, and pull down
(seamlessly) recipient public keys.  You need a server to store and
return those keys. You need an installed base to kickstart the network

Who has that?  Apple certainly; Microsoft could; Google perhaps
(although not reading email is against their business model). Maybe
even the FB API.

It's not perfect -- seems to me the biggest weakness is (a) the client
could double-encrypt for TLA's to read, or (b) it could give you the
wrong key so your mail only goes to the bad guy -- but it's a hell of
a lot better than we have now and I'd say it's more than good enough.

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