On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 07:12:21AM -0400, Richard Salz wrote:

> I don't think you need all that much to get good secure private email.
>  You need a client that can make PEM pretty seamless; reduce it to a
> button that says "encrypt when possible."  You need the client to be
> able to generate a keypair, upload the public half, and pull down
> (seamlessly) recipient public keys.  You need a server to store and
> return those keys. You need an installed base to kickstart the network
> effect.
> Who has that?  Apple certainly; Microsoft could; Google perhaps
> (although not reading email is against their business model). Maybe
> even the FB API.

Now, thats an interesting point! Once all email is encrypted, how many
mail providers would be interested in offering free service at all,
and whats their business model then?
Is it still valuable enough to sell the graph of connects?



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