(This is the last week before school goes back which is stopping me getting to 
the big iron and my coding platform if folk are wondering where the code is).

I had a discussion with some IETF types. Should I suggest a BOF in Vancouver? 
Maybe this is an IRTF effort rather than IETF. One thing that we maybe should 
face is IPR considerations and move what is becoming a design discussion to a 
list with an established IPR rubric like Note Well. In the past I have had 
whole standards efforts collapse because Microsoft or whoever objected to the 
IPR being possibly contaminated by being discussed in a forum without an IPR 
regime (though I suspect that was a pretext rather than a reason).

One question is whether we could make use of IPSEC and/or IPv6. Now I do not 
for an instant accept that we should make any proposal dependent on deployment 
of either. However IPv6 does have some very convenient characteristics for 
traffic analysis hardening. 

My view has always been that the proper approach to security is to have 
multiple layers so I would see IPSEC as being an addition to TLS and message 
layer security.
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