On 08/30/2013 01:52 PM, Jonathan Thornburg wrote:
On Fri, 30 Aug 2013, Ray Dillinger wrote:
3.  When an email user gets an email, s/he is absolutely sure that it comes
     from the person who holds the email address listed in its "from" line.
     S/he may or may not have any clue who that person is.  S/he is also
     sure that no one else has seen the contents of the email.

This probably needs amending to deal with messages addressed to multiple
recipients (either cc:, bcc:, or simply multiple to: addresses).


More generally, I was hoping for feedback as to whether this is a design
useful to and usable by ordinary people.

It's fairly straightforwardly implementable as a fully distributed system,
given the notion that "routing information" includes public key.  The only
slightly tricky issue is maintaining the coherence of the per-domain
routing databases among mutually suspicious clients, and there are existing
techniques for that.

It's also compatible with current standards for email payloads, so existing
infrastructure can easily be adapted; in the protocol stack, it looks like
any other MTA.

It can also fairly easily gateway to SMTP, but is not dependent on it.


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