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So the latest Snowden data contains hints that the NSA (a) spends a great deal of money 
on cracking encrypted Internet traffic; (b) recently made some kind of a cryptanalytic 
"breakthrough".  What are we to make of this?  (Obviously, this will all be 
wild speculation unless Snowden leaks more specific information - which wouldn't fit his 
style, at least as demonstrated so far.)

I read that WP report too. IMHO this can only be related to RSA (factorization, 
side-channel attacks).

It's all speculation of course, but that is what it feels like to me. An interesting clue from the earlier report is that they aren't there yet, they're building towards a capability. They've figured out some way to crack in theoretically, and with a big investment they'll get there.

Which suggests a combination of massive crunch power, keys on the margin *and* cribs from side-channel attacks. The bright shiny new 3rd division of the NSA is responsible for the side-channel attack. And it was very expensive... Coincidence?

Or, it could all be fluff, designed to suck money from cow in w.DC. Many a conman has made rich by claiming some secret invention; the investors are the muggins for putting their money in without doing the due diligence.


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