recent post with email discussing PGP-like implementation ... a decade before 
PGP in financial crypto blog
and then a little later realizing there were 3-kinds of crypto (when I was told 
I could make as many boxes as I wanted ... but could only sell to a certain 
gov. agency).

In the late 90s, I worked on crypto chip for financial applications ... I would 
facetiously talk about taking a $500 mil-spec chip and cost reduce by 2-3 
orders of magnitude while making it more secure (final objective was well under 
a dollar). Part of the objective was also to eliminate all the vulnerabilities 
that payment chips being done primarily in Europe were prone too. Long winded 
thread in financial crypto blog

About that time, I was also approached by the transit industry to make the 
payment chip meet transit turnstyle requirements (while not reducing any 
security) ... this was a contactless chip being able to do crypto operation in 
1/10th sec elapsed time and power profile of contactless transit turnstyle 

RSA chips at the time were really large implementing 1024-bit arithmatic requiring 
enormous power and contact operation to get time in a few seconds. It turns out I 
could have a AADS chip strawman with ECC that was higher integrity *AND* could meet 
the transit industry turnstyle contactless power & elapsed time profile. some 
past references to AADS chip strawman

I was also asked to give presentation at Intel trusted computing ... gone 404 
but lives on at wayback machine

one of the problems in the early part of the century was that I wanted to go 
for higher than EAL4+ evaluation ... but NIST(somebody) pullled the ECC 
evaluation criteria ... and since ECC was part of the chip silicon ... w/o the 
ECC evaluation criteria ... I had to settle for EAL4+.

Possibly part of the issue with AADS chip strawman was I approached it as 
purely a cost issue ... and the objective was to eliminate all possible costs 
from the whole infrastructure ... the side effect of course, it also eliminated 
all related profit.

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