much of the discussion these past few weeks seems to be centered on channel and 
protection, secure paths,  encrypted file systems, etc.  much effort has gone 
into ensureing
opaque environments for data to flow.   and while interesting and perhaps 
useful, not a whole lot 
of effort seems to targeting the integrity of the data itself. wrapping the 
soft chewy middle
with a hard candy shell can and does hide the fact that your core/data may be 

some years back, i was part of a debate on the relative value of crypto - and 
it was pointed
out that for some sectors,  crypto ensured _failure_ simply because processing 
the bits introduced
latency.  for these sectors, speed was paramount.

think HFT or any sort of "Flash Mob" event where you want in/out as quickly as 

crypto in and of itself is not a generator of value. Sprinkeling 
Security/Crypto pixie dust
on -everything- can not be a good idea.   

Just my 0.02 lira.   Jari and Stephen, please don't take the IETF there - its a 

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