Peter Fairbrother <> writes:
>On 24/09/13 05:27, Peter Gutmann wrote:
>> Peter Fairbrother <> writes:
>>> If you just want a down-and-dirty 2048-bit FS solution which will work 
>>> today,
>>> why not just have the websites sign a new RSA-2048 sub-certificate every 
>>> day?
>>> Or every few hours? And delete the secret key, of course.
>> ... and I guess that puts you firmly in the theoretical/impractical camp.
>> Would you care to explain how this is going to work within the TLS protocol?
>I'm not sure I understand you.

Something that can "sign a new RSA-2048 sub-certificate" is called a CA.  For 
a browser, it'll have to be a trusted CA.  What I was asking you to explain is 
how the browsers are going to deal with over half a billion (source: Netcraft 
web server survey) new CAs in the ecosystem when "websites sign a new RSA-2048 

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