Very silly but trivial to "implement" so I went ahead and did so:

To send a prism-proof email, encrypt it for your recipient and send it
to  Don't include any information about
the recipient, just send the ciphertext (in some form of ascii armor).
Be sure to include something in the message itself to indicate who
it's from because no sender information will be retained.

To receive prism-proof email, subscribe to the irrefrangible mailing
list at  Use a
separate email address for which you can pipe all incoming messages
through a script.  Upon receipt of a message, have your script attempt
to decrypt it.  If decryption succeeds (almost never), put it in your
inbox.  If decryption fails (almost always), put it in the bit bucket.

(If you prefer not to subscribe you can instead download messages from
the public list archive, but at some point I may discard archived
messages and/or stop archiving.)

The simple(-minded) idea is that everybody receives everybody's email,
but can only read their own.  Since everybody gets everything, the
metadata is uninteresting and traffic analysis is largely fruitless.

Spam isn't an issue because it will be discarded along with all the
other mail that fails to decrypt for the recipient.

Each group of correspondents can choose its own methods of encryption
and key exchange.  Scripts interfacing to, e.g., gpg on either end
should be straightforward.


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