I've noticed quite a few questions on this list
recently of the form "How do I do X?" "What is
the right cryptographic primitive for goal X?" etc.

I'd like to plug the following site:

Cryptography Stack Exchange

It is an excellent place to post questions like
that and get helpful answers.  I encourage folks
to give it a try, if they have questions like the
ones I listed above.  By posting there, you will
not only get good answers, but those answers
will also be documented in a form that's well-suited
for others with the same problem to find and
benefit from.  I'm not trying to drive people
away from this mailing list, just pointing out
an additional resource that may be helpful.

Or, if you're feeling helpful and community-minded,
you can subscribe and help answer other people's
questions there.

(That site is like Stack Overflow, for those familiar
with Stack Overflow, except that it is focused on
cryptography.  There is also a site on information
security: http://security.stackexchange.com/ )
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