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>> I think Sparta had it right in this instance: put the public officials
>> on trial when their term is over, and make them accountable for their
>> actions. Its funny how those lessons were lost.
> Doesn't help.  The trials would be political trials, and it's all
> politics, which in its most naked form is "who has the guns," and next
> most is "who has the votes."  Truth is not dispositive in politics,
> sadly.
 I'd be willing to take a chance with "doesn't help" since we now have
"doesn't work" (or broken, or severly bent).

I recall Obama boasting: "My Administration is the only thing saving
you from the pitchforks of the American people [sic]" at a banker's
lunch after he took office. On the campaign trail, he received over 1M
USD from Goldman Sachs alone. In this case, Obama took the bride money
(err, PAC contributions) and provided political cover.

If you game the Ticket Master system, you will be faced with a PATRIOT
Act like rsponse from the US governemnt [1]. If you make a PAC
contribution, you can crash the economy with impunity. Obama upset the
balance of powers (the best I can tell, the SEC investigations have
been laughable - civil fines, but no criminal prosecurtions), and I
would love to see him spend the rest of his natural life in jail for
conspiring with the economic terrorist who crashed the economy.

Its nothing against Obama: I had high hopes for him. I had my fingers
crossed for him since he was not from the white, good ole' boy stock.
He has turned out to be no better than the rest of them.


[1] http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/11/wiseguys-plead-guilty/
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