Bitcoin based DNS? That would be Namecoin. I am unsure if it also manages
SSL or similiar link encryption or if that is a separate thing for the
Den 6 jan 2013 08:27 skrev "James A. Donald" <>:

> On 2013-01-05 12:07 PM, Morlock Elloi wrote:
>> Correct. The cost of being CA is equal to the cost of getting CA signing
>> pub key into the target audience browsers.
>> You can (sorted by increasing security, starting with zero):
>> 1 - go through browser vendors,
>> 2 - have your users to install additional CA key into their existing
>> browsers (and perhaps remove others), or
>> 3 - distribute your own browser package.
>> Pick one.
> Most of the browsers are open source.  A fork could be justified by adding
> privacy value or security value, as, for example, SRWare Iron or the Tor
> browser.
> This also applies pressure on the major browsers to refrain from too
> flagrantly violating their customer's privacy.
> Perhaps we need a browser that facilitates communication and interaction
> between the holder of one bitcoin key and the holder of another.
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