Monday, March 17 [2003]

Certicom unveils movianMail

Certicom Corp., a provider of wireless security solutions, has taken the 
wraps off movianMail, a secure e-mail solution based on S/MIME version 3 
for use with Microsoft Pocket Outlook. movianMail enables enterprise and 
government users to send and receive digitally-signed and encrypted e-mail 
messages on their Pocket PC device. According to the company, it is the 
only wireless secure e-mail solution to store all messages encrypted on the 
e-mail server, in addition to offering proof of the message's origin through 
digital signatures. Governments and other organizations that require highly 
protected information are mandating S/MIME to secure their e-mail. To meet 
the strict security requirements of the U.S. Government, movianMail is 
available as a Government Security Edition (GSE) product, which also supports 
certificates and keys stored on the Department of Defense (DoD) Common Access
Card, ensuring even stronger security and authentication of e-mail messages 
and attachments, the company said.

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