GPG/PGP Keysigning @ Computers, Freedom and Privacy 2003
April 2nd, 9:45pm (First BoF Session)
I will be organizing a keysigning session for CFP2003. Please submit
your keys to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and I will print out sheets with key
information in order to speed up the process. Bring a photo ID and a
copy of your key information so that you can verify what is on the
printout. A list of submitted keys and a keyring will be available on:
Thank you...

+  Douglas Calvert [EMAIL PROTECTED] +
|   Key Id 0xC9541FB2   |
|       [X] User wants to receive encrypted mail       |
+| 0817 30D4 82B6 BB8D 5E66  06F6 B796 073D C954 1FB2 |+

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