At 06:06 PM 03/28/2003 -0500, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
What's unclear to me is who is behind this.  Felten thinks it's content
providers trying for state-level DMCA; I think it's broadband ISPs who
are afraid of 802.11 hotspots.

It looked to me like it was the cable TV industry trying to ban possession or sale of illegal cable descramblers as well as connection-sharing things like NAT, but it was a bit hard to tell how much of the language was new as opposed to older, so this may have been extending existing cable descrambler laws to also cover 802.11 or Napsterizing your Tivo.

I don't think that banning remailers or crypto was the intent,
but the cable industry has never been above using nuclear weaponry
to discourage cable service theft, regardless of collateral damage.

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