Sidney Markowitz writes:

>> They both require that the use of such technologies be for
>> the purpose of committing a crime.

>The Massachusetts law defines as a crime:

>(b) Offense defined.--Any person commits an offense if he knowingly

>(1) possesses, uses, manufactures, develops, assembles, distributes,
>transfers, imports into this state, licenses, leases, sells or offers,
>promotes or advertises for sale, use or distribution any communication

>[ ... ] or;

>(ii) to conceal or to assist another to conceal from any communication
>service provider, or from any lawful authority, the existence or place
>of origin or destination of any communication;


>(5)  Assist others in committing any of the acts prohibited by this

To heck with remailers, anonymizing proxies, etal. As I read this,
the USPO is liable if it accepts a letter without a correct return

Peter Trei

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