Hi Everyone,

CVE-2016-7420 has me questioning some of the wisdom in config.recommend and 

config.recommend removes undefined behavior, but it requires user to do 
something special. I believe most users don't need the compatibility 
provided in config.h. Failure to use config.recommend is a replay of not 
defining NDEBUG for production/release builds when using other tools, like 
Autotools, CMake, Eclipse, Xcode, etc.

If RTFM was going to work, it would have happened by now. Making users do 
something special to get into a good configuration also violates Peter 
Gutmann's "Defend, Don't Ask"* rule. As a consequence, I'd like to move 
config.h to config.compat; and move config.recommend to config.h.

Any thoughts or objections?


* Also see Engineering 

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