Hi Everyone,

We added some more tests to verify builds compatible with distros like 
Debian are producing. Under -mach=x86-64, a "minimum" amd64 build, Clang 
broke [badly?]. We added the following to work around it:

  // Clang pretends to be GCC, but can't consume the same programs.
  #if defined(__GNUC__) && defined(__clang__) 
  # undef __GNUC__ 
  # undef __GNUC_MINOR__ 
  # undef __GNUC_PATCHLEVEL__ 
  # define __GNUC__ 4 

The code above effectively drops Clang's advertised GCC's compatibility 
from GCC 4.2.1 to 4.0. The new version side steps Clang's inability to 
obtain compatibility with GCC 4.1 and SSE3 and SSSE3 support. (The problem 
with Clang is a little deeper, because Clang #error's on SSE3 and SSSE3, so 
it breaks the compile).

Marcel Raad raised a comment on the 714daaf5706e9e2 commit:

    Unfortunately this will break other libraries (for example some Boost 
    which rely on clang defining __GNUC__ in GCC mode if crypto++ headers 
    included before them.

Please test Master after commit 


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