> The error is: 
>> > 
>> > Testing MessageDigest algorithm SHA-384. 
>> > ..signal BUS (invalid address alignment) in CryptoPP::SHA512::Transform 
>> at 
>> > line 34 in file "sha.cpp" 
>> >    34   #define blk0(i) (W[i] = data[i]) 
>> This is the one we cannot duplicate. Unfortunately, there's nothing we 
>> can do for this one until we can duplicate it. 
> The command I used to build cryptopp was: 
> CXX=/opt/solarisstudio12.4/bin/CC make -j20

That's interesting. Is make linked to GNU's make? Or another make?

> Can someone, maybe Jeff, please let me know what command was tried to 
> reproduce the problem on Solaris 11 SPARC. It may be that I am not building 
> cryptopp properly.

The commands I run during smoke testing are either:

  (1) straight gmake    # default C++ compiler
  (2) CXX=.../CC gmake    # SunCC compiler 

We added a section at 
https://cryptopp.com/wiki/Solaris_(Command_Line)#Default_Make. It shows the 
commands and the outputs we see when we run the commands.


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