I have problems using Crypto++ to save a RSA public key in string. When 
decoding the key, I always get a BERDecodeErr exception.

Code get public key and private key and is save to string

KeyPairBase64 GenerateKeyPair::generateKeyPair(unsigned int aKeySize) {
    KeyPairBase64 keyPair = KeyPairBase64();
    // Generate keys
    AutoSeededRandomPool rng;

    InvertibleRSAFunction parameters;
    parameters.GenerateRandomWithKeySize(rng, aKeySize);

    RSA::PrivateKey privateKey(parameters);
    RSA::PublicKey publicKey(parameters);

    // save keys
            new CryptoPP::StringSink(keyPair.publicKey)).Ref());
            new CryptoPP::StringSink(keyPair.privateKey)).Ref());

    return keyPair;

This is Public key: 

Next I want to encrypt a string by public key (saved in string)

string RsaEncryptor::encryptor(string plaintext, string publicKey) {
    std::string cipher;
    AutoSeededRandomPool prng;
    try {
        ByteQueue queue;
        Base64Decoder decoder(new Redirector(queue));
        decoder.Put((const byte *) publicKey.data(), publicKey.size());

        RSA::PublicKey rsaPublick;
        rsaPublick.BERDecodePublicKey(queue, false, (size_t) 

        // BERDecodePrivateKey is a void function. Here's the only check
        // we have regarding the DER bytes consumed.

        bool valid = rsaPublick.Validate(prng, 3);
        if (!valid)
            cipher = "RSA private key is not valid";

        RSAES_OAEP_SHA_Encryptor e(rsaPublick);

        StringSource(plaintext, true,
                     new PK_EncryptorFilter(prng, e,
                                            new StringSink(cipher)
                     ) // PK_EncryptorFilter
        ); // StringSource
    catch (CryptoPP::Exception &e) {
        cipher = e.what();
    return cipher;

But  I always get a BERDecodeErr exception. (I've been tried change 
to Load() but it really does not work.). Please just help me is wrong 
somewhere. Learn well if you can guide me to fix.


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