Hi everyone!

I want to create an aes version like DESX and benchmark it with crypto++ 
library. In des.cpp it's like ;
void DES_XEX3::Base::UncheckedSetKey(const byte *key, unsigned int length, 
const NameValuePairs &) 
  if (!m_des.get()) 
   m_des.reset(new DES::Encryption); 
  memcpy(m_x1, key + (IsForwardTransformation() ? 0 : 16), BLOCKSIZE); 
  m_des->RawSetKey(GetCipherDirection(), key + 8); 
 memcpy(m_x3, key + (IsForwardTransformation() ? 16 : 0), BLOCKSIZE); 

void DES_XEX3::Base::ProcessAndXorBlock(const byte *inBlock, const byte 
*xorBlock, byte *outBlock) const 
  xorbuf(outBlock, inBlock, m_x1, BLOCKSIZE); 
  m_des->ProcessAndXorBlock(outBlock, xorBlock, outBlock); 
  xorbuf(outBlock, m_x3, BLOCKSIZE); 
In crypto++ how can I do it in aes? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 
in advance.

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