> We just hit a milestone... ARMv8 AES encryption is working. Its clocking 
>> at about 3.0 cpb for ECB and CTR modes. Its a tad bit slower that an 
>> optimized C or ASM routine.
>> The downside is, ARMv8 AES decryption is not working. I'm still working 
>> it on it.
>> I checked-in the half finished ARMv8 AES on my testing fork to get it in 
>> the loop. https://github.com/noloader/cryptopp/commit/701ec3aa1f45a754
> ARMv8 AES decryption was fixed at 
> https://github.com/noloader/cryptopp/commit/14590423249de5a8 . Stupid 
> copy/paste errors...

I unrolled the loops for EAS encrypt and decrypt. We gained 0.3 to 0.5 cpb. 
We are now pushing data at 2.4 cpb for ECB and CTR modes.


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