Hi,  I'm very impressed with the sophisticated design and API of crypto++.  
However I need more basic, overview, and fundamental documentation to 
understand its power.

I do clearly understand the bash shell aspect of unix/linux pipes.  I know 
of "tee", but this functionality of cyrpto++ looks similar, but particular 

        ChannelSwitch cs;

I searched for books that seemed appropriate with:
source sink filter attach channel switch channelswitch programming paradigm 
c++ OR cpp

std::iostreams came up and I will look at my books on this topic.

A very popular library called "flume" also apparently uses at least some of 
these concepts and references exist for that too.

Lastly I think even standard c++ may introduce additional pipe like 
features in the future, but I'm not sure which proposals most closely 
reflect crypto++'s design and API approach.

If anyone knows of a high quality reference/tutorial that closely models 
the API and concepts used in crypto++, I would appreciate a link.


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