I intend to use Crypto++  XTS-AES for encrypting data.  I tested XTS-AES 
with the following NIST vector and got an unexpected 
CT= 54a8629d76db46d0c516fca52c9c903baa3a635ddd56f09760f63252c8b46140 .   

I call the following function:
XTS_Mode< AES >::Encryption e;
e.SetKeyWithIV(in_key, KeySize, in_iv, IVSize);
    StringSource(in_plain_txt,svSize(plain_txt, 1),true, 
new StreamTransformationFilter(e,
new StringSink(cipher),
) // StreamTransformationFilter
); // StringSource

My questions:

   - Does  Crypto++  XTS-AES  not support non-byte aligned data encryption 
   and decryption?

NIST vector :
COUNT = 301
DataUnitLen = 250
Key = 
i = f5bf2260198883d03b133810fafec16c
PT = 8b81371f87661e49b904c8272def606717c3050c125905d23a2f0c142132ee00
CT = 84a7f42be588fa36442d33f098ec56e554a8629d76db46d0c516fca52c9c9000

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