I wanted to have an application on two Windows systems communicate with 
each other using public key encryption (PKE).

That is:

   - App1 is on Machine A and App2 is on Machine B,
   - App1 generates a private/public key and sends its public key over to 
   - App2 generates a private/public key and sends its public key over to 
   - App1 encrypts some data using the its private key and the App2 public 
   - Upon receipt of the data, App2 decrypts the data using its private key 
   and the App1 public key.

That's all that is needed. There is no need to store it in a file. 
Everything is kept in a buffer and only memory buffers would be encrypted, 
sent across the wire on a private network, decrypted. *Note that the 
sending of the data system to system is already in place, I'm just looking 
for encrypting / decrypting portion.*

The question is:

How is that type of public key encryption/decryption done using Crypto++ 
(or built in to Win32 API)?


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