Sounds good to me, in fact I think it is overdue. Good to hear the plan.

On Thursday, 22 July 2021 at 13:12:07 UTC+1 Jeffrey Walton wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I want to move forward with the removal of the FIPS DLL from the Visual 
> Studio project.
> There's several reasons to remove the FIPS DLL. The reasons include (1) 
> Crypto++ is on the Historical Validation LIst, so it is no longer approved, 
> (2) it only covered Windows 2000, Windows XP and Crypto++ 5.3 (iirc), and 
> (3) it confuses users and it is hard to use correctly.
> We deprecated the FIPS DLL back in 2018 with the release of Crypto++ 8.0.  
> I think 3 years is enough time. Also see 
> The removal will take the current Visual Studio project files (with the 
> FIPS DLL), and move them to Then, will will remove the two 
> projects cryptdll and dlltest. There will be a copy of the project with the 
> FIPS DLL for those who want to extract it from the zip. We will also remove 
> fips140.cpp and fipstest.cpp (and associated header files).
> Since the DLL removal is a big change, we will bump to Crypto++ 9.0.
> For those who want/need Crypto++ in a DLL, they can (1) switch to static 
> lib linking, or (2) create a Wrapper DLL. We have instructions for a 
> wrapper DLL at .
> Are there any objections to the removal?
> Jeff

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