In the end it could be broke down to: I want to encrypt a std::string (the 
JSON Web Token) with the public key I created out of x and y with crypto++. 
I will take a look into OpenSSL and what I could do with that, but this 
project seems to get out of hand.
Jeffrey Walton schrieb am Dienstag, 21. September 2021 um 14:35:43 UTC+2:

> > How can I "convert" the public key I got from
> >
> > CryptoPP::ECDSA<CryptoPP::ECP, CryptoPP::SHA256>::PublicKey publicKey;
> > publicKey.Initialize(CryptoPP::ASN1::brainpoolP256r1(), q);
> >
> > to the needed byte array. What do I have to use as initialisation 
> vector? I'm no pro in crypto-algorithms but I have to use them for a 
> specific project -_-
> Sorry, I'm not sure what you need. I'm not familiar with cpp-jwt.
> Maybe it would be easier to add Brainpool support to cpp-jwt. Then you
> won't need to use other libraries. cpp-jwt will do everything you
> need.
> cpp-jwt uses OpenSSL for its cryptography. It should be relatively
> easy to add the support.
> Jeff

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