Hi Team,
              I have gone through the djinni flow 
<https://github.com/dropbox/djinni>. I am training to create generic SDKs 
for iOS and android platforms.

The approach I am trying. In CPP I have a service which interacts with 
Crypto third party libraries. 
And we generating djinni cross platform files and trying to integrate in 
iOS and android platform.

I am able to integrate in the android platform but facing issues in iOS *"Not 
found for architecture 64"*. Please find the attached issue screenshot.

In iOS , the hello world program is working fine using djinni, only the 
issue related to third party framework which is using cpp code and third 
party framework(CryptoPP) not able to build iOS platform.

Can you please check and let me know where exactly I am doing wrong.
Thanks in advance.

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