I have been using the Integer class for some big number operations and seem 
to have found a buffer overflow in at least the Integer::And routine, I 
have not yet inspected any more..

Extract from integer.cpp 

// This is a bit operation. We set sign to POSITIVE, so there's no need to
// worry about negative zero. Also see http://stackoverflow.com/q/11644362.
Integer Integer::And(const Integer& t) const
if (this == &t)
return AbsoluteValue();
else if (reg.size() >= t.reg.size())
Integer result(t);
AndWords(result.reg, reg, t.reg.size());

result.sign = POSITIVE;
return result;
else // reg.size() < t.reg.size()
Integer result(*this);
AndWords(result.reg, t.reg, reg.size());

result.sign = POSITIVE;
return result;

The issue is casued in the temporary result variable.  When result copies t 
or this in its constructor, it calculates the minimum size required to fit 
the current number in t or this.  If the top order bits of t or this have 
gone zero it will allocate less bytes than the size of t or this.  However 
the following AndWords routine performs a copy using the size of the 
original number, either t or this.  

Changing the value to result.reg.size() appears to fix the issue at least 
for my use case. 

Best Regards,


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