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вторник, 21 сентября 2021 г. в 01:05:13 UTC+3, Jeffrey Walton: 

> Hi Everyone,
> Austin Clifton found a bug in our ChaCha AVX implementation. C++, SSE2, 
> NEON, ASIMD, and PowerPC are OK. The bug was due to mishandling a carry. 
> Master is now fixed. It was tracked at 
> We need to know the impact on folks to determine if we need a BuggyChaCha 
> class to undo the bad encryption. I don't think it will effect secure 
> channels since they are temporary (they have a finite time-to-live). The 
> bug could effect data in storage (they have an infinite time-to-live).
> Please test Master when you have some time. If you have problems, then 
> please report back to us.
> Jeff

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