Hi Everyone,

The is a changing of the guard for the cryptopp-cmake project. CMake 
sources for the library is now being maintained by Abdessattar Sassi. He 
will be assembling a team to move the CMake project forward.

Sassi's GitHub for the sources is located at 
https://github.com/abdes/cryptopp-cmake . His GitHub holds the release tag 
for Crypto++ 8.7.0, and will hold all tags moving forward.

Noloader's GitHub will be changed to read-only and retained for historical 
purposes. Walton's GitHub holds the release tags for Crypto++ 8.6.0 and 

You should report CMake related bugs at 
https://github.com/abdes/cryptopp-cmake  .

We'll get the documentation and wiki updated over the next few days.

Many thanks to Sassi for relieving me of the burden. I was holding the 
CMake project back due to my lack of time and experience with CMake.


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