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Post Scriptum.

In March of 1977, I met the great AI pioneer Marvin Minsky for the first Time. 
It was an unforgettable experience. One of the most memorable remarks he made 
to me was this one: "Gödel should just have thought up Lisp; it would have made 
the proof of his theorem much easier." I knew exactly what Minksy meant by 
that, I could see a grain of truth in it, and moreover I knew it had been made 
with tongue in semi cheek. Still, something about this remark drove me crazy. 
It made me itch to say a million things at once, and thus left me practically 
speechless. Finally today, after my seven-year itch, I will say some of the 
things I would have loved to say then.

Hofstadter, D. R., 1985, "Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind 
and Pattern", s. 444-445


(levenshtein-distance "Mathematical Games" "Metamagical Themas")

SSN: Kitap, yazarin Scientific American dergisinde bir sure yazdigi 
"Metamagical Themas" kosesinden makaleleri de iceriyor. Benzer yerde daha once 
Martin Gardner yaziyor ve kosenin ismi de "Mathematical Games" imis. 
Hofstadter, Gardner'a olan saygisindan oturu ona gondermede bulunmak ama bir 
yandan da kendi kisiligini ortaya koymak icin eski kose basliginin harflerinin 
yerini degistirip yeni ve anlamli bir baslik olusturmus. 

Emre Sevinc

e-MBA Software Development @ Istanbul Bilgi University

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