>>>> #inner { position: absolute; top: 0; bottom: 0; width: 100%; 
>>>> height: 200%; }
>>> /*\*/ * html #inner {height: 200%;} /**/
>> And the "crazy reason" IE/win needs that height in the first place, is
>> that IE/win can't handle AP for opposite edges of an element.
>> IE/win can't make inner fill outer in accordance with specs - without a
>> "push".
>> Now all that's needed is an 'overflow: auto;' on inner, in case it
>> becomes too small.
>IE5Mac needs twice the padding-bottom, e.g. 50% (padding-bottom: 25%;) 
>in you css-d mail example, 61.8% in your example on your test page 
>(padding-bottom: 30.9%;)
>* html #inner {height: 200%; overflow:auto;}
>#inner {height: 61.8%; }

Thanks to both of you, I'll update the page. Could you test if it will
always need twice the padding, or if this needs to be multiplied just like
the height did for IE/Win? I'll assume the latter for now.

Like I said with the height though, you don't technically need to hide it
since it'll just calculate 200% of 0, which is still 0. Nevertheless, I
suppose it doesn't hurt to hide it for reasons of clarity.

- Leszek

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