Hi, I'm going to test csync2.
I have two virtual machines (debian wheezy 64 bit) on my laptop (debian jessie).
If I run csync2 -k newkey on the virtual machines, the command hangs,
and I have to stop it by ctrl+c.

It generates something, but short:
e.g. KhRolsuYVQ4LnrqN

On my laptop, it take no time and generates a logn key
e.g. uX0sj9Zd2p_s0CiU7k7z2dCiAUFgplYjYzBM7ZnAcvnHIvuxvi3XArmXpMRHXvTL

Note: I'm using kvm and the guests are run with option '-cpu host' so
the use all the features of my laptop processor (Intel i3 M 370).
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