I've managed to setup a csync2 synchronization cluster with 4 servers, and it mostly works beautifully. Whenever I run into conflicts, it always seems to be quite a battle to fix the conflict, and sometimes I'm just not sure what actually fixed (or even caused) the conflict.

The current situation is this: one of the servers is an FTP server, with two others that replicate from it (via csync2) and one that has the files shared via samba. A file gets created on the FTP server, then deleted a few minutes later: the file has "ftpuser.ftp" for the uid/gid, and 666 permissions. The servers synchronize once per minute so the problem is difficult to track down, but it seems like the files get to the other servers with uid/gid of "root.root" and permissions of 660.

The other servers mark the file as "chary" and don't delete the files. I have to go manually delete the files, then the conflicts go away.

How can I narrow the source of this problem?


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