Right now, I have 4 nodes setup that I need to keep the files in sync … I’ve 
been using csync2 for awhile on another project, but want to try and build 
something a bit “tighter”, except I’m more familiar with FreeBSD then Linux … 
but, in order to use Galera, we moved our file server to Debian 8.1 … so, need 
recommendations …

Right now, I have a script that does run csync2 on HostA, then when finished, 
ssh’s to HostB and does csync2, to push any files form there back to HostA … we 
run that every 10 minutes, and, of course, as the # of files increases, the 
delay is going to increase …

So, the question is what are ppl doing to minimize delay in sync’ng files?  


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