I've got csync2 installed on a couple of Ubuntu servers that together with
watcher.py will be keeping a large file system synchronized. All the
files/directories are under the path /data/ and there is about 5
directories there, but under those directories could be hundreds if not
thousands of other files and directories.

I'm basically getting everything setup right now and doing some tests. The
sync part works great together with watcher.py to maintain an almost
realtime update.

The problem I'm having is getting logging setup and working for csync2.
>From what I can gather I have to setup an action under the group for the
logging. This is what I have in the csync2.cfg:

nossl * *;

group production {
        key /etc/csync-production-group.key;
        host server1;
        host server2;
        include /data;
        exclude /data/conflict;
        exclude *~ .*;
        action {
                pattern /data/*;
                logfile "/var/log/csync2/csync2.log";
        auto none;

I'm not getting any logging at all. I can't figure out if the pattern is
wrong or what. I basically want csync2 to log what it does in the log file,
but I can't get it working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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