I'm trying to wrap my head around how csync2 is actually working and how to
get something working.

Here is my .cfg file:
nossl * *;

group production {
key /etc/csync-production-group.key;
host server1;
host server2;
include /data;
exclude /data/conflict;
exclude *~ .*;
auto none;

This .cfg is the same on each host. Now, I can easily get server1 to update
any files it has on server2 by running csync2 -xv. I don't seem to have a
problem with that.

However, what if I have a file that has been updated on server2 that I want
sync'd to server1. Basically I'm looking for bi-directional sync. Does
csync2 work that way? It doesn't appear to work that way.

How would one go about bi-directional sync? Do I need to run csync2 on both

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